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Jason Wu

Registered Provisional Psychologist, BHS, MA

Connection is a deep bond in which you develop awareness between yourself and the external world. Through this awareness, your identity as well as the ability to comprehend and communicate with others evolves. As you continue to develop and make more meaningful connections, the more grounded you may feel, in who you are and how you interact with the world. However, there are many of you that have experienced unhealthy or toxic connections with yourself or others. As a result, you may feel like disconnecting and withdrawing is the safest decision to make.

Therapeutically, we will work together to restore or recalibrate the disconnect that prevents you from being grounded in the present moment. Through this process you will be able to identify your triggers, develop strategies to help regulate emotions and process the non-nurturing connections that prevent you from living your soul’s purpose.

Finding a therapist can be very frustrating, especially when it appears that they help every issue with every tool in the book. If you want a therapist that is integrative, inclusive, and transparent book a consultation and we can have a chat about your mental health goals.

Jason is a provisional registered psychologist in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP). Jason has completed over 11 years of formal education studying the mind-body dynamic and over a decade of experience working with the human condition.

When not in the clinic, Jason can be seen living his best life either playing volleyball, on the patio enjoying time with friends or vibing to the music at live shows.

Jason Wu: TeamMember
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