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Teresa Thorpe


Registered Social Worker

Teresa enjoys supporting children, youth, adults, couples, and families. Teresa has over 6 years of experience in supporting clients with a variety of needs including complex trauma & PTSD, family and spousal conflict, substance misuse, parenting, caregiver burnout, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, and more. Teresa uses a trauma informed, client-centred approach with her clients to build a strong therapeutic relationship based on mutual respect and trust. As the daughter of an immigrant, Teresa also has a specialized passion for supporting immigrants as they adjust to life in Canada. Teresa recognizes the challenges associated with balancing multiple cultural expectations along with addressing the cultural shock that can often occur for those who are new to Canada.

Teresa Thorpe holds an Master Degree in Social Work specializing in clinical social work. Teresa is an ally and supporter of the LGBTQIAS+ community, BIPOC, and Indigenous communities. Teresa belongs to and is connected with the Tupinikim Indigenous community in Brazil and holds a strong passion for supporting Indigenous community members who are addressing and navigating both personal and intergenerational trauma.

Teresa Thorpe: TeamMember
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